Software applications

Beside embedded software engineering, Altaneos can also provide development services of high-level (non-embedded) software applications used in conjunction with your innovative electronic devices:

  • PC-based applications:
    • Design and development of Graphical applications (Qt, MFC, ...) , Drivers, internal services (daemons), ...
    • Platforms can be Linux/Unix-like Operating systems, MS Windows
    • Programming languages can be C/C++/C#, Java, ...
    • Major usage: configuration, calibration, data acquisition and visualization for your electronic devices.




  • Mobile applications:
    • Android, iOS, Windows Mobile using Xamarin environment.
    • Configuration or data visualization.
    • Communication using USB, Bluetooth or WiFi.
    • Gateway apps to the Cloud for connected objets using BLuetooth LE.




  • Server applications:
    • Data collecting of connected objets through Internet.
    • Database management (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC,  SQLite, ...)
    • Web-based user interface Web (HTML, Javascript, PHP, AJAX, ...).




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