Research and Development

Once a project is fully specified by a prior analysis stage or by a validated full specification from the customer, Altaneos enters the design stage.

Major R&D activities are:

  • R&D in electronics (see a detailed list of our electronic skills here):
    • Schematic Design.
    • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and routing.
    • Programmable logic code design (PLD or FPGA).
    • creation of manufacturing files.
    • Manufacturing, bring-up and validation of prototypes.
    • Mechanical integration in standard ou custom housings, designed by Altaneos or by an external industrial designer.
    • Preliminary EMC testing (electromagnetic compatibility).




  • R&D in embedded software (see a detailed list of our embedded software skills here):
    • Design of embedded software (Analysis, architecture, documentation, source code).
    • With or without embedded operating system (Linux, FreeRTOS, ...)
    • Product functional behavior, Human Machine Interfaces, data acquisition, communication, regulation, ...
    • Embedded software design for medical devices following IEC 62304 standard.
    • Digital signal processing.
    • Full embedded software design or bloc-based co-design with customer's R&D team.




  • R&D in software applications (see a detailed list of software apps skills here):
    • Software application for remote control, data acquisition, Cloud-based communication, calibration, ... of innovative electronic products.
    • PC platforms (Windows ou Linux) ou mobile platforms (Android, iOS).
    • Web interfaces with databased management (Cloud connected devices).




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