Project Analysis

Moving a project from the ideas of an innovative product to an objective and effective plan of execution can be a difficult task that requires knowledge. Sometimes, the ideas go beyond the limits of the most up-to-date technologies and need to be tuned. In this task, Altaneos can help you with his knowledge and long experience in creation, design and manufacturing of electronic products. Altaneos executes a preliminary study of your ideas versus the available technologies and budget constraints that you decide. Altaneos ensures there are valid paths from your ideas to the materialization of a real product compatible with mass production. The analysis results to an objective plan of execution that meets your goals and requirements as much as possible, reduces the financial and technological risks, includes cost evaluations and identifies certification requirements.


Altaneos's analysis stage usually covers the following aspects:

  • Functional specification.
  • Detailed technical specification.
  • Selection of critical components and technologies.
  • Preliminary production cost analysis for given forecasts.
  • Identification of required approvals (CE marking, specific requirements for medical devices).
  • Identification of International approvals (FCC, UL).
  • Identification and characterization of private certifications (e.g. Bluetooth or USB).
  • Final offer and planning for the R&D stages.
  • Budget and planning for industrialization and volume manufacturing.
  • Intellectual property analysis (patents, ...).
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