Throughout the creation steps involved in the conception of a new product, Altaneos provides services tailored to the various stages of the project. Depending your profile (Universitary Spin-Off, Start-Up, Well-established industrial, ...) and its needs, a collaboration plan is established which defines the service packages that most fit your demands



Here are example steps Altaneos can take care of::

  • At the early beginning of the project, when only concepts and ideas are available, Altaneos provides a first technical and financial analysis service in order to solve all uncertainties regarding the technologies, the R&D budgets and the required ressources, so that industrialization and manufacturing of your innovative product can reach successfully the market with minimal risk. This analysis service is fully described in the Project Analysis section.


  • Once the project is fully specified (from analysis stage or full specification from you), the R&D stage can start. this stage is a combination of several steps including electronic board design, mechanical housing design, embedded software design, high-level software application, cloud/server side software design, prototyping, pilot testing, pre-certification work, ... This major stage is described in details in the Research & Development section.
  • Industrialization is the process by which a validated protoype of your innovative product is (eventually transormed) prepared for volume manufacturing and therefore enters large-scale deployment. Several certification steps are ususally required (CE marking, FCC, UL), together with final manufacturing files and production tooling. More details are provided int the Industrialization section. 
  • Volume manufacturing can either be handled by Altaneos (using our sub-contractors network) or directly by your EMS company (Electronic Manufacturing Services) selected by your needs. In the case you selected your own EMS, Altaneos will be engaged to support your EMS for long-term manufacturing ability. More details are provided in the Manufacturing section. 
  • Beside all the above services, Altaneos can also bring consultancy services (hourly rate) for specific tasks like diagnostic on existing products, technical advices for investors, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), ... more details are available in the Consutancy section.


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