Here are examples of telecom products we gained experience from :

  • VoIP interface board for an access control system (migration from PSTN analog to VoIP communication):
    • Complete design of the board and embedded software linux design.
    • Plug-in board on existing product.
    • Embedded software: Embedde Linux porting, VoIP stack with SIP/RTP.
  • RTP streams processing board for multi-line IP Phone (encoding/decoding of voice streams, intellligent packet routing):
    • Complete design of the board and embedded linux software including drivers
    • Architecture: PowerPC + DSP.
    • Embedded software: Embedded Linux and kernel-level intelligent routing, DSP software for RTP streams management and digital signal processing (encoding/decoding/AEC).
    • Dedicated functional testbench for volume manufacturing.
  • Wireless Push-to-talk system for control rooms.


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