Medical devices


Here are some examples of medical devices projects we gained experience from:

  • Patient monitoring system:
    • Electronic and embedded software design of the complete monitoring system.
    • Long-range wireless communication based on IEEE 802.15.4 with custom repeaters.
    • Portable receiver for nurses.
  • Position control for radiographic table:
    • Design of all electronic boards: main controller and remote DSP-based motor controllers.
    • CAN bus communication between boards.
    • Safety and EMC constraints following EN60601 - FMEA analysis with customer.
    • Web-based calibration and diagnostic interface.
    • Embedded software design following IEC 62304.
  • Electronic board for communication handling (SUB and Ethernet) inside a laboratory equipment.
  • Analysis and preliminary design of a motorized orthesis:
    • Schematic design involving constraints of medical safety (EN60601).
    • Cost and industrialization analysis.
  • Portable cardiography monitoring system:
    • Electronics and mechanics design of a portable ECG system.
    • Data transmission using Bluetooth LE.
  • Measurement system (EEG and EOG) for a virtual reality device:
    • Electronics and embedded software design of data acquisition and wireless transmission.
    • Wireless transmission using IEEE 802.15.4 and a tailored protocol.


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