Internet of Things


Here are examples of IoT projects we gained experience from:

  • Vibration sensors for heavy-duty ball bearings in industry:
    • Complete system designs: sensors, repeaters, network coordinator, Database management and Web-based Human Machine Interface.
    • 3-axis vibration sensors with embedded spectral analysis.
    • Meshed wireless networ based on Zigbee.
    • Network coordinator: industrial PC with Linux OS and database management, 3G modem and Web-based HMI.
  • Fuel anti-theft system for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles:
    • Complete system design: sensors, communication and tracking box (GPRS/GPS), Cloud-based server application.
    • Board design with automotive requirements.
    • Digital signal processing and secured data transmission to the server.
    • Web-based data collection and Human Machine Interface showing tracking, fuel level, alerts, potentiel theft, ...
  • Wireless Generic Zigbee sensors (Digital and Analog inputs/outputs) for industrial signal measurements
  • Wireless communication board for smart ligthing management.
  • Windows embedded PC application (Tablet PC) for Wireless-MBUS management of energy counters.
  • Portable swimming pool analysis device with Bluetooth wireless communication to the user's Smartphone.
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