Consumer Electronics


Here are some consumer electronics projects from which we gained solid experience:

  • Payment system based on wireless biometric indentification with either fingerprint or fingervein:
    • Design of several products: wireless biometric reader, portable wireless terminal device that supports biometric payment cards.
    • Design of a very specific and innovative communication protocol (now published as standard).
    • Embedded software design: low-level drivers, handling of all communications from the payment card to the point-of-sales device
    • Management and Manufacturing of a pre-serie lot for a pilot project of several thousands of users.
  • Portable WiFi/BlueTooth payment terminal with PCI-PTS security certification:
    • Electronic board design and low-level embedded software design (integration of a secured embedded Linux and its drivers).
    • Partnership with a designer for the housing (Smartphone-like design).
    • Management and Manufacturing of a pre-serie lot.
    • Management of the security certification (PCI-PTS) with the customer.
  • Audioguide for museum applications:
    • Design of a new electronic board into an existing housing.
    • Embedded software: integration and design of MP3 audio playback, management of visits and usage statistics.
    • Alarm system based on radio energy measurement (RSSI).
    • Design of PC-based graphic application that connects to the product over USB for configuration and tracks management operations.
  • Low-EMI home automation system.
  • Integration and design of tactile grapical embedded Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), selecting the most appropriate technologies according to the project specificities:
    • TFT, OLED, eInk (electronic ink) displays.
    • Resistive or capacitive touch sensors.
    • Embedded software: custom graphic layer or standard-based (e.g. Qt).
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