Technical skills of Altaneos are mandatory in most markets of electronic devices today: sensors, data acquisition systems, digital signal processing, wired and wireless communication, mobile apps,...

Here are the major markets we work for and where we have strong experience on past projects: 

    • Industry: digital regulation, touch-based Human Machine Interfaces, radio-activity measurement, intelligent cameras, drones, ... See here for more details.




    • Telecom: custom Ethernet switches, VoIP processing units, ... See here for more details.




    • Medical devices: patient monitoring systems, wireless alarm transmission for hospitals, ECG/EEG/EOG measurement, radiographic positionning systems, ... See here for more details.




    • Internet of Things: vibration sensors, smart lighting management, measurement interfaces, position tracking systems, ... See here for more details.




    • Consumer electronics: touch interfaces, museum multimedia guides, point-of-sales terminals, ... See here for more details.




    • Security: access control, biometric systems (fingerprint and fingervein).
    • Transportation: fuel anti-theft system for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles.


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